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Books 'N' Bears


Please take a look at the Books 'N' Bears Blog!

It's full of updates and lots of fun details of whats going on inside Books 'N' Bears!


New and used books!

  • In beautiful Old Town Florence since 1991.
  • Open daily from 10:00 - 5:00, much longer hours in the summer.
  • 1255 Bay Street, along the river close to the bridge.

With tens of thousands of books on the shelves, we have been the main source of books in the Florence area for 18 years.

You can browse through sections like General Fiction, History, Arts, Religion, Classics, Science Fiction, Children, and much more, finding the latest releases along with fine old leather tomes more than a hundred years old.

If something comes to mind we don't have, we can get it and send it to you.

Scattered thoughout the store among the books are hundreds of bears, a wild variety; Steiff, Raikes, Gund, Boyds, Ganz, artist bears and more. Old and new, huge and tiny, in every price range.


  • We buy and trade books
  • Special orders and book searches
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